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Wellness Coaching for
Healthcare Professionals
by Healthcare Professionals

The 5 Pillars of TAP

The TAP Wellness Coaching Program is unique. The 5 Pillars of TAP are specifically designed to address the challenges that are inherent to nurses and other healthcare professionals.  Together, these 5 pillars will provide a holistic approach to wellness that will help clinicians thrive in their personal life and in their life as a healthcare professional. Because at TAP, we know that wellness is so much more than nutrition. 

Read about TAP's 5 Pillars and what your clinicians will learn in each of them! 

Our Services

We partner with healthcare organizations and schools of nursing.  


Wellness Consultation, Presentations & Workshops for 

Clinician well-being impacts many aspects of your healthcare organization. Positive, healthy organizational cultures support clinician satisfaction and well-being, which improves patient satisfaction, patient safety and patient outcomes.


Preventing the stress-related turnover of just a few clinicians can more than cover the annual cost of well-being initiatives across your organization. The downstream impact on your organizations’ financial performance is at stake. There’s no time to waste!


Terri Ann Parnell DNP, MA, RN, FAAN

"I started TAP because taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s a necessity. I believe my experience as a nurse, administrator, educator, author, integrative therapist, and certified wellness coach can help you flourish in your career and enrich your personal life."

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What TAP Wellness Clients Are Saying

“Just by starting this program, I’ve been more consistent with eating better, drinking enough water, I already feel a difference in how I feel and the way my body feels.”
“Having the community chat is nice, so we can encourage each other and celebrate our successes together.”
“Thank you for being there as a wellness coach and offering helpful guidance to shift my focus back from "I don't think I can keep this up" to "Wait, I got this!" I appreciate the TAP wellness program so much!”
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