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12 Recipes for Busy Healthcare Professionals

All these recipes have been selected based on your needs as a busy healthcare professional, and use 6 or less ingredients, and can be made in 30 minutes or less. Lunch recipes are easily portable, and the dinner recipes can be cooked in one pan! Imagine that!

Taste of TAP : Learn the action steps you can take to change your well-being.

This ebook is designed to focus on the common challenges that are unique to healthcare professionals and offers action steps so that you can begin to take back your well-being. One small step at a time! 

Enjoy food, sleep soundly, move more, practice self-care and build your resilience so you can find work-life harmony again. Your wellness can't wait any longer! 

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10 Barbecue Recipes Perfect for Grilling

These quick recipes will help you prepare backyard barbecues and enjoy outdoor family meals any day of the week.  With this special recipe collection, you will expand your grilling menu beyond traditional burgers and hot dogs with main dishes, sides, and even desserts.  From steak to seafood, to veggies and fruit, get grilling with these recipes and you'll be enjoying your meal in 30 minutes. Let the grilling begin!

5 Tips for Healthcare Professionals to Take Back Your Well-Being

Burnout rates are skyrocketing, with “60 to 75% of clinicians reporting symptoms of exhaustion, depression, sleep disorders, and PTSD.”

Sound familiar? It’s certainly expected that you may feel a certain amount of stress and fatigue due to the demanding nature of our work. However, it can be unhealthy when these feelings become all-consuming, and you brush them off as “just part of the job” and “what I signed up for”. No, it isn’t, and no, you didn’t. 

You came to the right place! As a long time nurse, I’ve lived it myself. Let’s get to the heart of the matter and look at one action step that you can consider taking for each of TAP’s pillars.

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12 Recipes to Welcome Spring

This collection of spring-inspired recipes will get you back into the habit of cooking and feeling as awesome as the soon-to-be springtime weather!


Busy healthcare professionals need recipes that are nutritious and portable. In this special collection you’ll find 4 quick and easy breakfast ideas, 4 lunches that can be packed up for a nourishing meal at work and 4 one-pan dinner recipes for busy nights that each make 4 servings. Enjoy!

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