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TAP One-2-One Premium Coaching Program

Our One-2-One Premium Coaching Program is perfect for you if you want more accountability and if well-being feels a bit more personal to you. Our One-2-One Coaching Program is customized to your personal needs and allows you the opportunity to receive a private, bespoke 12-week wellness coaching journey.

What's Inside the
One-2-One Program 

Getting to Know You

Kick-off your program with a private one-to-one call so we can get to know each other. We’ll discuss your relationship with food, movement, sleep, mindset, work-life balance, and self-care. Then we’ll co-create your goals and define what success will look like for you at the end of your 12-week bespoke program.

Increased Accountability & Support  

Each week you will receive a brief check-in to fill out via the TAP App which we will review together on our 1:1 calls. This will allow us to make any needed adjustments in your program, provide you with personalized feedback, and any additional customized resources needed for ongoing support and increased accountability.

Unlimited Direct Messaging via the TAP APP

You have open unlimited access to direct messaging via the TAP App. I’ll also message you to check in for increased accountability in-between our calls via the TAP App. It’s like always having TAP in your pocket!

Private One-2-One Calls 

We will have 1:1 weekly calls for the first 8 weeks of your program based on your schedule and convenience. During the last month (4 weeks) of your program our 1:1 calls will be bi-weekly. Our 1:1 calls allows us to get to know each other quicker, have more time to understand your specific needs and focus on only you! 

TAP Pillar Educational Resources  

 As we begin each of the TAP pillars, you will receive customized resources and occasional assignments that provide education and help support the new pillar we are focusing on.

Themes to Build Resilience & Foster Self-Care  

As we move though your 12 week program we will focus on overarching themes for each pillar.  We will introduce you to new skills and strategies to help  you move toward your goals, build resilience and foster self-care.  

Customized Resources 

Need bespoke resources? No problem, just direct message me via the TAP App. Want to make mindful choices when eating out? Maybe you would like to start your day in a new way? Need hydration tips for workdays? No problem! We’ve got you!

One-2-One Premium Coaching Program

What to Expect

Download the TAP App 

Download the TAP App. Enter the invite ID that you received, and get your welcome message from Dr. Terri Ann Parnell!

Next, complete your intake forms.   We will review and then 

hop on a call to co-create your  program goals.   


TAP In Daily

You'll receive wellness and inspirational messages sent directly to your phone that are focused on your unique needs as a healthcare professional.  You can direct message us via  the TAP App at any time.  We're always there for you!  


Calls, Check-Ins & Resources

In our One-2-One Coaching Program, you'll have frequent 1:1 calls to provide increased accountability and support. We also message you via the TAP App to check in between our calls. It’s like always having TAP in your pocket!

Need resources? No problem... We've got you! 


The 5 Pillars of TAP

The TAP Wellness Coaching Programs are unique. The 5 Pillars of TAP are specifically designed to address the challenges that are inherent to nurses and other healthcare professionals.  Together, these 5 pillars will provide a holistic approach to wellness that will help you thrive in your personal life and in your life as a healthcare professional.

Because at TAP, we know that wellness is so much more than just the food you eat.  



The TAP App


The TAP App was created for the unique life of healthcare professionals. The inspirational and educational messages sent directly to your phone are geared toward your specific schedules, challenges, and daily stresses.  


When you begin your TAP Wellness journey and download the TAP App, we will always be with you! The TAP App can help you with accountability and we are always just a direct message away whenever you need support or guidance. 


And the TAP App will help you track your progress, record your goals, communicate with other healthcare professionals in the group coaching program, and truly become part of the TAP community! All in one place!

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Still have questions? 

Schedule a free 30-minute call with Terri Ann Parnell

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