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6 Wellness Holiday Gifts for Nurses

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

As a healthcare professional with a long-time passion for health and wellness, I am always on a search for new wellness-oriented gifts. This is especially true around the holiday season. I thought you might also be looking for some wellness-related gifts for your nursing colleagues, friends, and family. I decided to share some of the items I regularly use that align with the 5 pillars of TAP Wellness Coaching. Keeping these 5 pillars aligned throughout my nursing career has been instrumental in maintaining work-life harmony and is exactly why I created TAP Wellness Coaching.

Check out the 5 pillars of TAP Wellness Coaching and an item or two that supports me with keeping all the TAP pillars in harmony.

1 – Enjoy Food Pillar:

While I’m known for not following recipes, I do read a lot of them! I have stacks of cookbooks that I love to read. Then I look at what ingredients I have on hand and adapt the ingredients that I have available to the recipe that I read.

Do you have a nurse who loves to cook on your list? Who doesn’t love a new cookbook to add to their collection? I personally love The Fiber-Fueled Cookbook by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz and The Blue Zones Kitchen by Dan Buettner. And Dan Buettner has a new cookbook out this month, The Blue Zones American Kitchen. You may want to check them out! And I’m sure a busy nurse that likes to cook would also love an air fryer! I admit I was late to the game, but I do love it now that I have it.

2 – Move More Pillar:

I am a data person and love to compare, contrast, and, more importantly, see slow, steady progress with my exercise. In fact, I can look back to 2018 for some data! I also like getting my information easily, as technology isn’t one of my strengths. And I need a smartwatch with amazing battery life, as I know I will not charge it every day. It’s all about setting myself up for success!

Smartwatches are a great gift for nurses who are always on the go. They also come in a wide variety of price points to fit multiple gift budgets.

3 – Sleep Soundly Pillar:

In TAP Wellness Coaching, we plan each client’s bedtime ritual to help signal to their body and mind that it’s time to wind down. And for many nurses, a warm, relaxing shower is part of that ritual. If you are looking for a gift for a nurse who prefers to take a relaxing shower rather than a bath, shower steamers are a great gift. They can be described as a “bath bomb” for the shower and release essential oils to create an aromatherapeutic experience. A lavender-scented shower steamer may be just what the nurse in your life needs to sleep soundly.

4 – Practice Self-Care Pillar:

Self-care for nurses is a stress management tool associated with less depression, more compassion and energy, better sleep, and a healthier lifestyle. Nurses have their own self-care practices that are very personal. Some self-care gift suggestions are a new journal, a meditation or yoga practice, nurturing relationships with family and friends, getting a massage or manicure, or even cleaning out a drawer or closet. The important thing about self-care is dedicating time to the activity and treating it just like any other appointment. The gift of time…hint, hint!

5 – Build Resilience Pillar:

Do any nurses in your life need to build self-esteem by reminding themselves of their strengths and positive qualities? Are they trying to “change the narrative” that runs through their mind and replace negative thoughts with positive ones? Having affirmation cards as part of a nurse’s toolkit can be truly transformational. Affirmation cards are portable and can provide uplifting messages, foster stepping into power, and find grace in every challenge. I personally like to use them to encourage reflection and set the tone at the start of the day.

Still not sure what to get for the special nurse in your life? What about the gift that will keep on giving?

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