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Clinicians Thriving: Meet Anna

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Let’s meet Anna! I love Anna’s advice on using breathing techniques to reduce stress and center herself. My favorite breathing exercise is simply inhaling deeply through my nose and breathing out through my mouth. I find it particularly helpful to relax right before going to bed. Try it yourself!

Name: Anna Nursing specialty: Obstetrics Practices in: Iowa Years in nursing: 9 years

  • What’s one wellness ritual you’ll never quit? Moving my body every day. Regardless of the amount of time or the type of activity, I will always find a way to exercise my body.

  • Name one food you could eat every single day. Raspberries. Sweet, delicious, and good for you!

  • How do you create calm in the chaos of everyday life? I listen to my body to understand what it needs at the moment. Being in touch with my body and heart has changed everything. I use breath work many times a day to calm my nervous system. It is so amazing what conscious breath can do to the body. In a stressful moment, it can be hard to know to stop and take a breath, but once it is practiced more and more, it becomes essential. Knowing when and how to use breath is literally a superpower!

  • What’s the best career advice you were ever given? Never settle! Find your passion – personal and professional – and keep going.

  • What’s one thing you would tell your younger self? Stop wasting time dreaming and get out and do it. Take inspired action! Whatever feels aligned to your soul, do it– don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

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