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Clinicians Thriving: Meet Jessica

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

I’m excited to share another story of a clinician that is thriving! Meet Jessica, who has focused on integrating small, sustainable daily habits that foster her well-being.

After 12 -weeks in TAP Wellness Coaching, Jessica shared, “You have helped me to be better in areas that I have tried to improve in for most of my life!”

Name: Jessica Nursing specialty: Patient Experience Improvement Specialist Practices in: Michigan Years in nursing: 23 years

My thanks go to Jessica, who trusted and partnered with TAP on her wellness journey. She consistently showed up, remained focused, and found work-life harmony! She is such a rockstar!

  • What’s one wellness ritual you’ll never quit? I have learned that a bedtime routine helps to quiet my mind and prepare my body to rest.

  • Name one food you could eat every single day. I love fudgsicles! They only have 100 calories, so they are guilt free and have enough chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  • How do you create calm in the chaos of everyday life? I have learned to start my day with a bible devotion, prayer, and worship. Spending time with the Lord gives me the right mindset, peace in my spirit, and the direction to fulfill my destiny.

  • What’s the best career advice you were ever given? Be teachable. We strive to be experts in our field and, in doing so, can lose our ability to consider other ways. An open mind will not only improve your performance but will open new doors too!

  • What’s one thing you would tell your younger self? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Be present in the moment and love before you lead.

Would you like to be portrayed for our “Clinician Thriving” series? We’d love to hear it!

Email me at and write Clinician Thriving in the subject so I don’t miss it!

I hope to see you in January and be part of your wellness journey! 😍

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