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Clinicians Thriving: Meet Kelly

Updated: Jun 21

I love when I can introduce you to other members of our community! I find it incredibly helpful to discover how other healthcare professionals practice wellness. I hope you do too!

Name: Kelly Nursing specialty: Intensive Care Unit Practices in: Vermont Years in nursing: Eleven

  • What’s one wellness ritual you’ll never quit? I find exercise really resets me. Whether it’s cardio, strength training, or whatever, I always feel better after working out.

  • Name one food you could eat every single day. I really love roasted vegetables, which taste way better than the bland, boiled ones I grew up with! They’re easy to prepare, there’s always something in season, and it makes me feel good to fuel my body this way.

  • How do you create calm in the chaos of everyday life? I have a small group of close friends, and we rotate houses for regular get-togethers. Being social energizes me, provides a great support system for blowing off steam, and gives me something to look forward to, which is really important to me.

  • What’s the best career advice you were ever given? Advocate for your patients. Be their voice. When patients feel like someone’s “got their back”, it goes a long way toward helping them feel less vulnerable or overwhelmed.

  • What’s one thing you would tell your younger self? Do not sell yourself short. If you want to do something, especially in your career, just go for it! I became an RN at 46 years old. I wish I had enough confidence in myself to try nursing school at a younger age. But one thing about nursing is that it’s (almost) never too late to get that degree! It is a career that can flex and create many opportunities at any age. I do love it!!

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