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Clinicians Thriving: Meet Peter & Matt

Updated: Jun 21

So excited to share this month's clinicians that are truly thriving! Peter and Matt are both ICU nurses, friends, colleagues and co-founders of Cup of Nurses. They share what they have learned across blogs, vlogs and podcasts. Take a look at how they are truly thriving!

First Name: Matt and Peter

Nursing Specialty: ICU travel nurses

State where you both practice: Mainly in California

Number of years in profession: 6 years each

  • What's one wellness ritual you'll never quit?

One ritual we will never quit is working out! It is good for our body, mind and soul!

  • Name one food you could eat every single day.

We both really love our protein.

Our favorites are steak and chicken, and we eat it every day!

  • How do you create calm in the chaos of everyday life?

We create calm in chaos by taking time for ourselves. Stepping away from everything and just being alone to regroup. We do this by going to the gym to work out, meditating, taking time for reflection, or any activity that provides us with alone time.

  • What’s the best career advice you were ever given?

Always do what you're passionate about, not necessarily what pays you the most. When you enjoy what you do, you won't feel empty, or feel like you are missing out on any opportunities. When you focus on a career that brings you happiness, the money will follow.

Another piece of great advice is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It makes you resilient because things don't always come easy. This way, you will always strive for your goals even though getting there might at times be uncomfortable.

  • What’s one thing you would tell your younger self?

Just keep going; you'll figure it out along the way!

Would you like to be portrayed for our “Clinician Thriving” series? We’d love to hear it!

Email me at and write Clinician Thriving in the subject so I don’t miss it!

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