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We Could All Use A Little (Self) Kindness

Updated: Jun 21

I am thrilled to introduce TAP, a 12-week virtual wellness program created by and for healthcare professionals. Why now? Because now, more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves. The pandemic has accelerated a phenomenon that we in healthcare are all too familiar with – clinical burnout, emotional drain, and physical exhaustion. In a recent study from The Ohio State University College of Nursing, 79.2% of nurses reported that the pandemic worsened their mental health, and 74.6% reported a decline in their physical health.

During my decades-long career in nursing and healthcare, I’ve experienced these issues firsthand. I’ve lived the long hours, shift work, and demanding responsibilities. I also know that there’s no time like the present to prioritize your own health and well-being.

I created TAP specifically for you, applying insider knowledge to create a unique wellness coaching program that includes daily messages, one-on-one coaching with me, and group discussions with the TAP community. TAP Wellness Coaching will address your unique wellness needs and work with your demanding schedule.

I believe my experience as a nurse, author, administrator, educator, integrative therapist, and wellness coach can help you thrive in your career and enrich your personal life. My hope is that you will finally begin to care for yourself the same way you always care for your patients, friends, and family.

You’re worth it!

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