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One-2-One Wellness Coaching: One Size Does Not Fit All

I get it! Everyone says they want to live a healthier life. Especially nurses who are in the business of caring for others. Nurses have gone through a rigorous education and have the foundational knowledge of how to live a healthy life. But honestly, they often share that they are just too busy caring for everyone else. Well, that needs to change!

I’m sure you know what to do to feel healthier. And I would guess you might occasionally think to yourself, “I can’t believe I’m trying to do this again”! I get you. I was you! As a young adult I struggled with my weight, my body image, and the scale. I was often “starting over again” to finally “get it right this time”. I worked too much, ate too much, and didn’t have much balance or what I like to now call “harmony” in my life. I was vegetarian, and then vegan …read all the books and tried every diet out there. I did it all. Until I had enough and began educating myself and finding what actually worked for me!

I found a holistic approach to healthy living and wellness. I know what wellness feels like and I learned how to make mindful, informed healthy choices to live a healthy, happy, and harmonious life. And I want that for you too. Nurses are the most giving humans, and you deserve to wake up each day feeling inspired, rested, and well.

What is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach?

Certified nutrition coaches are wellness professionals who have received education in evidence-based practices that can help inspire their clients and provide the support they need to reach realistic well-being goals. Nutrition and wellness coaches provide clients with a holistic perspective on health, that focuses on many areas of life that can impact wellness and ability to live a healthy life.

Why One-2-One Coaching?

Maybe being part of a group and sharing all about your lifestyle feels a bit too personal to you. Or you feel you want more accountability to help keep you on track to reach your goals. No worries! One-2-One Coaching may be just what you need.

Benefits of One-2-One Coaching:

  • Bespoke Program: A One-2-One Coaching Program is customized to your personal needs and allows you the opportunity to receive a private, bespoke coaching journey.

  • Personal: Your wellness coach really gets to know you, builds a relationship, co-creates goals, and helps you reach what success looks like for you at the end of your program. There’s a human being who can listen, empathize, hear your challenges, and celebrate your success.

  • Increased Accountability: In One-2-One coaching you receive increased support and accountability that fits your lifestyle.

  • Safe Place to Share: Since all your coaching sessions are private, you may feel more comfortable sharing personal information than if you were in a group coaching session.

  • Customized Resources: If you need additional resources to support you on your wellness journey, they will all be customized to your specific needs and goals. Wellness is so much more than just the food you eat and you will receive many resources provided just for you!

TAP Premium One-2-One Coaching:

TAP Wellness Coaching uses a whole-person approach to healthy living . The TAP One-2-One Coaching Program focuses on your unique physical, mental, emotional, and restorative health needs as a healthcare professional.

Prioritizing your self-care is not selfish, it’s a necessity! If you’re finally ready to put your oxygen mask on first, but need a little guidance, some basic strategies and increased accountability, One-2-One Coaching may be just what you need.

As a TAP One-2-One client you receive a personalized program customized for your specific wellness goals that works around your schedule. It's also specific to the unique needs and professional lifestyle from a nurse with decades of experience who has been there! Now that’s customized!!

Thinking now may be the time to finally prioritize your health and well-being? Check out TAP’s Premium One-2-One Wellness Coaching Program today.

Still not sure TAP would be a good fit for you? No worries! Set up a Free Discovery Call or email me at I'd love to meet you!

And don’t forget to read what TAP clients are saying! 😍

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