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The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Yay! The New Year has just begun! Now that the holidays along with their hectic schedules and indulgences are behind us, I bet you’re planning how you can get back on track.

You’re probably feeling ready for a re-boot, a new beginning, clean slate, or fresh start…however you prefer to call this focused start to your new year. In fact, you may have already made your list of New Year resolutions in a brand-new journal.

The problem is that a resolution usually a lofty goal that focuses on a desired result. And while it is great to set goals, the problem with many New Year’s resolutions is that they usually don’t have a thoughtful plan behind them. When you successfully achieve a large goal, it is because you had a strategy, ongoing support, and set small, sustainable action steps that over time led up to your desired outcome.

This is exactly how we set you up for success in our TAP Wellness Coaching Programs. As a TAP client recently shared, “Just by starting this program, I’ve been more consistent with eating better, drinking enough water, I already feel a difference in how I feel and the way my body feels.” Yes, small steps can lead to big success and lasting change!

Let’s look at the action steps you can create to reach your goals and how TAP guides you with the process along the way!

5 Steps to Create Lasting Change

Step 1 –Commit to Change.

Make the decision that you are going to make small changes over time, create your process and commit to it. Be mindful of why you want to make the change, and how it will benefit you in the future. It’s important to set the right goals from the start.

Step 2 – One Day at a Time.

It’s important to set the right goals from the start. Since goals are often long-term and we want the results to be sustainable, it is a good idea to break them down into steps. Taking it one day at a time will help you achieve each step along the way and provide a feeling of accomplishment.

Step 3 –Cultivate Consistency.

To achieve your desired results, you will need to consistently change your old habits and establish new healthier habits. Do you need to be reminded to wash up and brush your teeth before bedtime? It’s something that you just do. But I’m pretty sure most nurses can’t say the same about choosing healthy food, drinking water, or moving each day. Consistency will help you achieve your full potential when setting your health and wellness goals.

Step 4 – TAP into Your Support System.

We’ve all been there. So excited to begin a new program, then life gets in the way, and we fall off track. Staying the course is not about willpower. Having a strong support team on your side can be a strong predictor of how successful you will be in achieving sustainable behavior changes. And support from someone who has lived your nursing experience is what’s even more special about TAP. When you have a certified nutrition and wellness coach with decades of nursing experience as part of your support system, you will have accountability and encouragement.

Step 5 – Celebrate your Success.

It’s important to remember that your health and wellness journey is not about perfection but about long term progress. Taking time to celebrate or reward yourself for reaching a milestone will help keep you motivated along your health and wellness journey. In fact, celebrating small success along the way will set you up for future success by acknowledging exactly what worked so you can repeat it in the future.

This year don’t tie your health and well-being to another grand New Year’s resolution. Real sustainable change comes when you identify the outcomes you want, know why you want them, achieve daily action steps to get to your desired result and commit to making them a reality. There is no better time to start than the present moment.

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