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Your Wellness Can't Wait 


of healthcare workers are predicted to leave the profession by 2025.


of nurses say the typical way their employers show appreciation feels patronizing. 

“Just by starting this program, I’ve been more consistent with eating better, drinking enough water, I already feel a difference in how I feel and the way my body feels.”


of residents/fellows noted peer support as having a positive impact on their overall job satisfaction.


of nurses reported that the pandemic worsened their mental health. 

Wellness Coaching That Understands You

Imagine arriving at work each day with a positive mindset, rested body, and energized spirit. You can achieve it, and we can help you get there! Embark on a 12-week journey that focuses on your unique physical, mental, emotional, and restorative health needs as a healthcare professional. TAP is a personalized program customized for each member’s specific wellness goals and works around your schedule.

Our Programs

For Healthcare Professionals


TAP 12 Week Premium
One-2-One Coaching Program

The 5 Pillars of TAP

The TAP Wellness Coaching Programs are unique. The 5 Pillars of TAP are specifically designed to address the challenges that are inherent to nurses and other healthcare professionals.  Together, these 5 pillars will provide a holistic approach to wellness that will help you thrive in your personal life and in your life as a healthcare professional.       Because at TAP, we know that wellness is so much more than just the food you eat.  

12 Week Group Coaching Program

When joining the TAP Group Coaching Program you have the benefit of meeting other healthcare professionals who you resonate with, and this can be very powerful. You may find that you share similar experiences or you may be going through relatable work-life challenges.


One-2-One Premium Coaching Program

One-2-One Premium Coaching Program is perfect for you if you want more accountability and if well-being feels a bit more personal to you.

Our One-2-One Coaching Program is customized to your personal needs and allows you the opportunity to receive a private, bespoke 12-week wellness coaching journey. 



The TAP App


The TAP App was created for the unique life of healthcare professionals. The inspirational and educational messages sent directly to your phone are geared toward your specific schedules, challenges, and daily stresses.  


When you begin your TAP Wellness journey and download the TAP App, we will always be with you! The TAP App can help you with accountability and we are always just a direct message away whenever you need support or guidance. 


And the TAP App will help you track your progress, record your goals, communicate with other healthcare professionals in the group coaching program, and truly become part of the TAP community! All in one place!

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What TAP Clients Are Saying

“Just by starting this program, I’ve been more consistent with eating better, drinking enough water, I already feel a difference in how I feel and the way my body feels.”
“Having the community chat is nice, so we can encourage each other and celebrate our successes together.”
“Thank you for being there as a wellness coach and offering helpful guidance to shift my focus back from "I don't think I can keep this up" to "Wait, I got this!" I appreciate the TAP wellness program so much!”

Still have questions? 

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